Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Touch In Sol "Feel Like Honeymoon Skin Base"

Touch In Sol, ever hear of them? No? Honestly I hadn't either. This was included in the August Glossybox, and I have been using it steadily since my Glossybox came in. 

Touch In Sol "Feel Like Honeymoon Skin Base" is a all in one moisturizer and makeup base for all skin types. 

Ok so lets start by reviewing the packaging. Keep in mind that I did get this in my Glossybox and this was not a full size product. So the packaging for the actual full size product may be different. I actually like the exterior of the packaging. Its simple, sleek, and you can physically see your product inside. I am always a huge fan of being able to see just how much product is inside a container. 

I have 2 cons about the packaging. First, the cap screws on, but it doesn't stay on well. I would not take this traveling with me, or keep it in my purse. It would be a call for a messy disaster. The second con is the actual spout where the product comes out. When I use this, I always have to wipe it off after using because the product gets stuck to the top and makes a mess. The base is of a sticky substance, and when the cap is removed there is always a string of it stuck to the cap falling on my hand, counter top, etc. Not pleasant! So as far as packaging rating, it gets 3 stars. 

Alright moving on to the actual product review. I have been using this in place of my daily moisturizer and primer routine. This product claims to be a moisturizer and skin base all in one, so that is exactly how I am going to use it. When you first see this product you will notice that there are some gold flecks in the formula. Exactly what these are, I'm not sure, but they are very visible. I don't mind these things being in products as long as I don't feel them, and as long as they disintegrate during application. I can say that when I am applying the product, I don't feel them at all. Neither with my fingers or on my face. So all good there. However I notice that as much as I work the product into my skin, some of the flecks are almost like glitter and stay on my skin. This is not cute especially on the face. I don't need to look like I have been out gold panning and fell in the river. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a photo of the product blended in, and in the top left corner you can see one of the gold flecks.

Now to some this may not be a issue, but myself personally, I am in my mid twenties. I don't need to go into work looking like I came from the local strip club. I like a clean polished look. No sparkles please!

Now I know this is a big deal breaker for some, the smell. This smells nothing at all like I had expected it would. To me it smells like the mens shaving cream my grandfather used to use. It does have a strong scent.

As far as how it works. It feels like honey going onto your skin. Very slimy sticky feeling, yet still has a liquid feel if that makes any sense. When I dab it onto my face strings of it will stick from one spot to another. Not my favorite thing. As far as what it claims. Moisturizer. I think it is decent. I have dry / combo skin, so I was very wary about using this as a moisturizer. But my skin has remained smooth and hydrated while using this product. Now as a base. I didn't notice that product applied or blended any better. I didn't see that it would fill in any fine lines or pores. And I didn't see that it would keep the skin matte and hold onto the foundation longer. 

Overall, I would not re-purchase this product. However, I think if the formula changed I would give it a second try. This company seems to be onto a great idea, but just needs some tweaking. 

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